LinkedIn can be a tool that helps advance your job search and/or career. It can help you connect with hiring managers, be found by recruiters, and keep in touch with your professional connections. Here are 12 things you can do that will help you build your network, connect with recruiters and hiring managers you don’t yet know, improve your online presence, and stay “top of mind” with people you know — and people you want to know.

Give yourself 30 days to do these things:

1. Update your LinkedIn Headline.

2. Check your LinkedIn privacy settings.

3. Add a header image to your LinkedIn profile.

4. Set up your personalized LinkedIn URL.

5. Connect with one of your references on LinkedIn (be sure to personalize your invitation).

6. Send a message to one of your existing contacts.

7. Reconnect with someone on LinkedIn and invite them to meet up with you “offline” (in person) or for a virtual catch up.

8. Send connection requests to two former coworkers.

9. Comment on a LinkedIn Publishing post written by a hiring manager or recruiter.

10. Join a LinkedIn Group (one for your industry, one for your alma mater, and/or one for jobseekers).

11. Ask someone for a LinkedIn Recommendation.

12. Use LinkedIn’s search function to find and connect with someone who went to your college/university that you didn’t know personally but who would be a good addition to your network.

At the end of the 30 days, review your progress. How many LinkedIn connections do you have now, compared to how many you had 30 days ago? How many hiring managers or recruiters are you connected to now? Has your involvement in LinkedIn Groups led to any new job leads?