The steps to increasing quality LinkedIn engagement are easier and simpler than you think. We’ll help you with a few quick tips that you adopt to boost your following, expand your reach and grow business.

At eLink Pro, our daily interaction with Digital Marketers has allowed us to figure out where hundreds of marketers go wrong and the simple fix, which we’ve put together in these four simple steps.

1. It all starts and ends with your profile

Your profile is the most critical asset on LinkedIn. So it is essential to make sure that your LinkedIn profile is optimized, customer-oriented, detailed, engaging, and easy to read. As a digital marketer, you already know this, but you’ll be surprised how many profiles don’t hit the mark. You should think of your LinkedIn profile as your differentiator, and it should contain information that you want your customers to know about you and more. In essence, your Linkedin profile is a pre-webpage and creates a first impression.

If you don’t know how to optimize your profile, here are some questions you need to ask yourself:

– Is your profile image professional or representative of you?
– Do you have up-to-date and appropriate banner images?
– What about the strong headlines that describe your work?
– Does your summary reflect the work you want, and do you consider yourself an expert?
– Do you have the correct keywords to identify yourself as a thought leader, influencer or strong brand?
– What is client-facing on your profile? Do you have high-quality media, hyperlinks to articles that display your        expertise?

2. Get more views on your profile

Once you have a well-optimized, client-facing profile, you need prospects or potential contacts to see it…you need scale or volume. This step is where our growth hack shines!

eLink Pro allows you to automate the viewing of 800 targeted profiles a day, every day. Targeted profiles get notifications that you have viewed their Linkedin profile, and generally, at least 10% of those viewed return the view – loading your profile.

This is an initial engagement or touchpoint in your MQL, and when prospects view you back, they are open to further engagement and have increased receptivity for other interactions like sharing content, messaging or email.

More Profile View Cheat Sheet
View 800 targeted prospects/leads >
% View Back (brand awareness) >
Some invite to connect (engagement) >
eLink automatically messages these prospects (quick, automated return interaction)

A large network means more people engage with

While you don’t need to reach the maximum number of connections (30,000) to see the benefits, you should aim to get to at least 1000+ to maximize the “completeness” of your profile from LinkedIn perspective.

The bigger the number of 1st level connections, the more you can unlock different ways to engage your network. When a profile becomes a 1st level connection, you’re able to message them or get key contact information like email addresses or phone numbers.

Remember building a quality network takes time when done manually. The majority of marketers with large LinkedIn networks have used tools like eLink Pro, which allows you to take your target audience and automate connecting with them while keeping engagement authentic by allowing personalized messaging. Using eLink We’ve seen small profiles grow by 200 connections or more a month.

Offer value, then Upsell

Messaging is a hugely valuable tool that, when done right, can boost your engagement exponentially (Hey, it got you here, didn’t it?). Our trials and testing on what works best for digital marketers found that using a messaging method called the Bait and Hook increased replies and engagements by 43%.

This method leverages the model of providing value first, and then starting a conversation is the best way to build a professional relationship on LinkedIn. You’ll need an article, white paper, infographic or video that your target audience will find valuable or interesting. Then share it with your connections to provide value – at no cost or obligation – in a gesture of opening a conversation and introducing yourself and business to them.

An example message to a business Digital Marketer:
LinkedIn is one of the biggest lead generation platforms for B2B leads but staying ahead when it comes to finding quality leads and managing lead data can waste valuable time and be extremely complex. Here’s a video that explores this a bit deeper, and I thought that it might be valuable to you.
Here’s a link to more info {Link}
PS: I look forward to your feedback or questions you may have.

We suggest pairing this approach with automated messaging to scale the process. Here’s a how: https://www.youtube.com/messaging