The sales culture at your company determines your organizational success at modern sales. This includes elements such as how productive salespeople are, how much they sell, how long they’re retained as employees, and how engaged they are with the overall mission of the organization.

5 Elements of a Sales Culture that Drives Success


A results-driven sales culture won’t manifest itself overnight, especially without some work. Here are five unique elements that you can use as a blueprint at your business.

  1. Guide Your Clients – Salespeople will go further when they make the customer the hero instead of the solution they’re selling. Unite with clients and lead them on a path to find the answer to their problem or question. Don’t just shove your product down their throat because you know it’s what they need.
  2. Celebrate Each Other – Recognize your team members for their performance and promote people internally. Humans value being appreciated, so give awards similar to the ones distributed in the video above. They don’t have to be all about achieving quota either. Two of our awards in July were the Very Important Person Award (VIP Award) and the Grace Under Pressure Award (GUP Award). Create some awards of your own that work for your organization.
  3. Share Your Plan – Let your team know where the company is heading and why everyone is essential to achieving those goals. It takes the humdrum repetition out of daily tasks, and people are often more motivated when they understand how their efforts contribute to a specific purpose.
  4. Allow Freedom – Give your sales team the freedom to make the sales process their own. Yes, you’ll want to share your plan and objectives and provide guidance and training, but let each team member make the process their own. You never know, they may come up with a better way!
  5. Have Fun! – Forbes reported that happy people are up to 20% more productive than their unhappy counterparts. Some industries are a bit drier than others, but that doesn’t mean that people can’t have fun. Get excited about what you’re doing and your team will too.

Leverage Digital Sales to Improve Your Culture

While culture is an important aspect of a successful sales team, it is only one ingredient in the recipe for success. Many other elements are required, especially starting a digital sales transformation to connect with the modern buyer.