Start from $29, paid monthly for eLink Pro’s profile viewing and data export. $49 Pro gets you the quick connects, easy profile views and autopilot, auto connection and auto messages. 


eLink downloads as a browser extension and profiles in LinkedIn are viewed by your browser as if you were viewing the profiles, over 5,000 per week. This starts a cycle. LinkedIn tells them you viewed their profile and the Prospects look back, become aware of you and start to view your profile, check out your site and connect to you.

You can also turn on drip marketing daily updates to stay top of mind in your network. If you choose, turn on eLink to an also become visible to the same LinkedIn prospects on Twitter – across two networks.

The best LinkedIn automated sales tool available.

results & metricS

Each business area differs. On average, prospects Look Back Rate is a bell curve from 3% to 12% with an of 8%-9% average. 

Awareness of your profile is higher as prospects first see your profile summary. The Look Back Rate refers to those that decide to take it further and visit your profile. Of these, many then view your website (averages 20%-30% of Look Back’s) and reach out to connect to you (average 5% – 15% of Look Back’s).

Key is setting up your profile in a manner that attracts prospects to want to connect and engage with you.

Campaign Scheduler

A user can use eLink Pro daily or use our simple Search Scheduler.

Simply open your search setting (first icon) and enter future dates in advance and set the date and time to start.

Using search filters (industry, city etc) together with the Campaign Scheduler is a great way to view profiles beyond the 1,000 return limit set by LinkedIn.

Note your computer must be on for the Scheduler to view profiles from your browser at the date and time set. eLink Pro will auto stop at 800 per day for that days search.

how do i get the best results?

On joining, you will be provided a detailed user guide where, as specialists in this area, we share our tips, tools and insights. This includes clear step by step instructions on how to go about setting up your profile to maximize your impact with your Prospects.

Your photo, quality of your profile headline wording, including an email to connect, are important. Interestingly, women get more prospect connection requests than men in a designed study using eLink.

Linkedin limits

LinkedIn limits guideline is 1,000 profile views per day (that is why eLink Pro recommends 800) and 1,500 page view views per day. The 24 hour day clock for LinkedIn is from 5pm to 5pm EST so a night and morning time period is in the same 24 hour period. We suggest running eLink Pro at approximately the same time each day.


Another limit is LinkedIn will not return more than 1,000 profiles per search. To over come this and to view all profiles, use filters (industry, location, seniority) in your Search criteria to get smaller segments. These segments can be viewed as normal or use the eLink Pro Campaign Scheduler to view each segment in turn.

No credit card needed for free trial

No credit card is required for our 5 day free trial.

Our user base is curated and not all free trial requests are approved.

Supported browsers and more than one LinkedIn account use

eLink works on Chrome only. It is approved and downloaded from the Chrome Store. We no longer support Safari, Firefox nor Internet Explorer/Edge.

eLink Pro can be installed and used across different computers.

eLink Pro is a browser extension and not tied to a specific LinkedIn account. It cannot be used at the same time across different accounts but can be used sequentially (not simultaneously) to operate across two different LinkedIn accounts.

Easily cancel a subscription

To cancel a subscription, if you paid by CREDIT CARD, select the auto Cancel link at the bottom of the eLink Pro extension home tab.

If you paid by PAYPAL, cancel from inside your Paypal account 

Alternatively send an email request to info@elink-pro.com and follow up if you do not receive a cancellation confirmation email within 24 hours.


On the eLink extension, and in our emails, is a user guide where common troubleshooting items and quick solutions to these are included at the back of the guide. Our support email is info@elink-pro.com and we are here to help.