How Long Can You Exploit Invites by Email, Using Automation Before Linkedin Locks Your Account?

Many of our eLink customers report that they receive a pop-up every week after 100 invitations. According to various LinkedIn-related websites and LinkedIn support reps, a new limit has been applied to each profile in LinkedIn, limiting invitations to around 100 invitations per week.

At this stage, it seems that LinkedIn has not rolled out the restriction to all their users, which means some users are still able to send more than 100 invites a week, but it’s clear that LinkedIn is enforcing new limits on its free users, and it’s only a matter of time until Linkedin will deploy the limits for everyone.
Fortunately, there is nothing to fear as this is not a warning or restriction that could lead to an account ban. LinkedIn has always fought against platform abusers and ways to increase paid subscriptions, and this appears to be another initiative to protect their users from spam, maintain their reputation as a professional platform and drive Sale Navigator subscriptions.

If you reach the limit, you cannot increase it other than by waiting for another week because you cannot receive more credits even if you have a paid membership or if you have withdrawn your current pending invitation or some of them are accepted.

The Proposed Workaround

Tools such as LinkedHelper and Expandi claim to have a clever workaround that will overcome the limits. This workaround involves making use of LinkedIn’s “invite by email” feature and automation. LinkedHelper, for example, will scrape the second level connections (bear in mind these typically don’t include email addresses) that you want to connect with into their system then ask you to pay an extra $33 for Snov.io to approximate an email address for you to use to invite.

There are a few problems with this;

1) The emails are often not 100% accurate and are using email formatting and logic
2) How often will LinkedIn allow you to abuse their invite via email feature before your account is blocked?
3) What if the email’s you use are constantly incorrect – will LinkedIn restrict you?
4) $33 for Snov and $15 for LinkedHelper is pricy…for guessing.

Our Solution

eLink-Pro allows users to view 800 targeted profiles each day*; that’s 1500% more outreach each day than you did in a week using Connection Invites.

This approach is a much warmer way of interacting with prospects as it puts the onus on the prospect to decide whether or not your profile/service/business is something that they align with and wishes to know more about by connecting, shifting first engagement to inbound as opposed to outbound.

Using this methodology is more effective than cold connecting and hard outreach. Using Profile viewing, you are simply enticing the prospect/lead to view your profile and creating the first step in MQL, getting interested leads to engage. (the ideal sales situation).

New Prospect methodology

View 800 targeted prospects/leads -> Interested leads view back (brand awareness)-> Some invite you to connect (engagement)-> eLink is set to accept those who you have viewed in the past (lead filtering and verification)-> eLink automatically messages these prospects (quick, automated return interaction)



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