How To Build Credibility on LinkedIn

Now that your first impression is likely to be communicated online, you should turn your attention to your LinkedIn profile. That’s because this is where people will get to know you when they search you. This is good news. This means that you don’t have to tweet like Barack Obama, and you don’t have to post YouTube videos like Justin Bieber to influence those you want to impress. By focusing on a single social platform, LinkedIn, you can provide a strong, authentic, and distinctive first impression. Attractive profile is the intersection of friendliness and credibility. In this article, I will focus on what you need to do to make sure that your profile radiates true credibility.

The below are the five areas to follow: 

 1. Are you a professional? 

 Nothing feels more “unprofessional” than incomplete profile or one that is full of typographical and grammatical errors. When people find the first obvious typo “this person does not have attention to detail” brand attributes, your credibility will disappear. An incomplete or outdated profile shows that you are not taking your profession seriously. Make sure you profile looks very professional, review it many times or ask a professional text editor to review it. You can find cheap text editors on websites such as Upwork. In addition, please make sure that your prose is formatted correctly and has The correct number of blanks (in, for example, your Summary) to make it easier for readers to read. Finally, take a moment to fill in all relevant parts of your profile. This is an investment that will pay off. 

 2. Are you respected? 

If your personal profile is nothing more than you talking about you, it looksa little suspect. When you let others speak for you, you increase your credibility, let others promote your talents, and limit your need to be a cheeky person. In the case of LinkedIn, respect comes from the recommendations it receives from others. Find at least one recommendation for every job you have ever had, and provide some recommendations for your current position. Respect also stems from the honors you receive, those recognized by the gold stars from respected institutions, such as graduating with honors, receiving awards from professional associations, or being cited in respected publications. Add these congratulations to your About LinkedIn to show people that you are a respected member of your industry. 

3. Are you an expert? 

 One way to show people that you are a leader in your field is to make your experience clear. This means don’t try to touch all the foundations, which makes you an expert in all industries, but not an expert in any industry. Clearly describe your experience in your profile. Make sure your first three suggestions are for the skills you want to be famous for. You can also include all relevant details in the “Experience” section of your profile to enhance your experience, using all appropriate keywords to enhance your domain. Don’t just make a general one-sentence statement. Please be clear. And use achievement areas (certifications, courses, awards, projects, publications) to highlight those activities that highlight your experience. 

 5. Do you have Influential ability? 

 In the relationship economy we live in, being influential is the key to success. To prove it, you must use LinkedIn to demonstrate your thought leadership and express your unique perspective. This means using the “Featured” section to highlight some of the videos, whitepapers, infographics, images, or other content you have created to show your influence in your field. LinkedIn’s blog feature provides a great way to share your thoughts and allow people who interact with your content to verify it (through social actions, like commenting, sharing). Being active in LinkedIn groups is another way to exert influence.

6. Is your profile being viewed? 

This final step is possibly the most important step and also the most difficult to do organically. Luckily there’s a tool that has made this simple and less time consuming. eLink-pro is a marketing tool that automatically Views targeted profiles and LinkedIn emails them with Who Viewed Their Profile. In most cases these profiles will view your profile back – Increasing your Viewback Rate and garnering an awareness of profile. As easy as that!

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