Why can’t I connect to 12 million people in 5 minutes?

On one hand, LinkedIn gathers, hosts, protects and organizes our data so that it is the best place for professionals to meet, exchange, learn and work together. They do a pretty great job and are useful to hundreds of millions of people around the world. Nice!

But on the other hand, the data that’s on LinkedIn is YOUR data, OUR data, and LinkedIn wouldn’t be anything without it.

We at Elink-Pro believe you should be able to get the most out of your LinkedIn account. We also understand that LinkedIn has to draw a few lines to keep its website a civilized place.

Though these lines are not publicly written anywhere, our experience as growth-hacking gurus, scraping sculptors, automation artists, allows us to have a good idea of what can be done on LinkedIn.

Here is what we’ve found…

A few insights about how LinkedIn thinks

First, let’s get inside LinkedIn’s head: What do they want? Real people, giving them real information (as much as possible), keeping it fresh, and eventually becoming paid users.

The more they have what they want, the more they will reward users with greater visibility and access to information.

So for instance, a very new account with 0 connections, no school, no companies, no picture, etc. will not be able to send as many connection requests as a 10-year-old account with thousands of connections and 2 hours of daily connecting.

Here is an (incomplete) list of factors that will have an impact on your own unique rate limits:

  • Whether you have a paid subscription

  • Date of profile creation

  • Completeness of the profile

  • Number of connections/followers

  • Time spent per day on LinkedIn

  • Number of messages sent per day

  • Amount of pending invitations (less is better)

  • How many articles and publications you’re posting

  • How many comments or likes you’re giving

❄️ Any free LinkedIn Account

🔥️ A paid premium account that is not Sales Navigator

💰 Premium account with Sales Navigator

1/ LinkedIn automation best practices

Profile Views

❄️ 40 profiles Per Day 
🔥️ 600 profiles Per Day
💰 800 Profiles Per Day

By profile View, we mean any visit to a “Show” page. For instance, a company page, a profile page, a school page or a job page.

Search result scrapes (Collecting before Connection Invites) 

❄️ Max 50pages/500 profiles
🔥️ Max 150 pages/1500 profiles
💰 Sales Nav max 200 pages/5000 results per day over 10 launches minimum

LinkedIn searches display a max of 100 results pages. For searches resulting in thousands of results, you cannot scrape more than the first 1000 results with a regular LinkedIn account. Sales Navigator displays 25 results per page, so with these accounts you can scrape a max of 2500 results.

Connection Invites  (to 2nd Levels) 

❄️ Max 20 per day
🔥️ Max 50 per day
💰 Sales Navigator max 80 per day

Some other things to consider is the amount of pending connection invites that you have. LinkedIn is not happy when one person has 3000 pending connection invites. We suggest that you keep your pending invite number down to 1000 or less.

Beautiful constraints

LinkedIn’s Commercial limits are a constraint, sure, but a beautiful one. You can choose to see them as a blessing rather than a curse:

  • Choose quality over quantity

  • Target your prospects better

  • Customize your prospection messages better

  • Handle each answer as if it were your only one

  • Realize each person you’re connecting to is a real human being