Why profile viewing on LinkedIn is still a Valuable option

The New connection Limit on LinkedIn
LinkedIn have or are in the process of rolling out a new update where users will see a crack down on the number of invites people can send out per week to 100. Sad, we know…
This is quite disruptive to individuals that use our Connection send functionality, the reason is quite obvious,  automating the sending of 15 per day connections is not as useful as the normal 50.

Profile Viewing is the solution to this issue
eLink-pro allows users to view 800 targeted profiles each day, yes, thats 1500% more outreach each day than you were doing with Connection Sends.

This flow is a much warmer way of interacting with prospects as it puts the onus on the prospect to decide whether or not your profile/service/business is something that he/she aligns with and wishes to know more about by connecting.
Using this methodology is far more effective than connecting as in that method you are the one reaching in a hard touch to please connect with me. In Profile viewing you are simply enticing the prospect/lead to view your profile they then do the hard outreach to you (the ideal sales situation).

New Prospect methodology
View 800 targeted prospects/leads> Some View Back (brand awareness)> Some invite to connect (engagement)> eLink is set to on accept those who you have viewed in the past (lead filtering and verification)> eLink automatically messages these prospects (quick, automated return interaction)


Here’s a video on how to use the New Prospect tool in eLink-Pro




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