To Accept All or Not to Accept All

If you have an active profile where you share content regularly (and this is what I recommend), you may receive a lot of connection requests weekly. The initial trend is usually to accept everyone, although there comes a time when you will need to apply some criteria, because, as LinkedIn suggests, it is not convenient to accept people you do not know in any way or who you feel do not add value to you.

It is worth clarifying that this network is not the same as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other, because, here, it is about networking with professional profiles only. The intention is not to make friends, like or post personal life issues, but focusing on work and networking.

25 criteria for connections on LinkedIn

Here’s 25 criteria that we take into account every time we receive an invitation from contacts on the professional social network. In turn, we asked trusted people in our network some criteria, who added their contributions.

This is the list. As you will see, most are criteria that are based on common sense, such as that whoever sends me a request has their complete profile, including a photo, or that we have something in common:

  1. Have a complete and up-to-date profile
  2. With professional photo
  3. Active profile (minimum posts 2 times a week)
  4. Own content in the feed and in the blog (articles)
  5. Clear description of who he is and what he does
  6. Own network of contacts
  7. That there are people and interests in common
  8. Groups in common
  9. Express your own opinions and visions
  10. Impeccable spelling and grammar
  11. To teach or contribute something that adds
  12. That has its own voice
  13. Personal brand developed or on the way
  14. That shows passion for their activity and interest in mine
  15. If you write to me, let me know very well what I do
  16. If I write to you, let them respond with the same urgency that they demand
  17. If you need anything, please address it respectfully and professionally
  18. Take time to write well
  19. ❌ That is not a “serial contact aggregator”
  20. ❌ If you copy content, it recognizes the source
  21. ❌ That not only share what others, or give “likes”
  22. ❌ Don’t send an immediate message to want to sell something
  23. ❌ Avoid using LinkedIn like other networks: this is different
  24. ❌ Don’t copy / paste comments, or send pre-built InMail messages
  25. ❌ That you do not want to promote yourself by putting your links when commenting

I hope you find this list of criteria based on my experience on LinkedIn useful.

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